Robert T. Kiyosaki: "Dollar is a scam!" 


Best-selling author, Robert T. Kiyosaki, who got well-known around the world by his popular book on financial intelligence, "Rich Dad Poor Dad", has referred to the US Dollar as a scam.

Not literally meaning of the Dollar, but at the same time saying that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general are "currency of the people". He thinks that gold, silver and cyber-currency will to put an end to the monopoly of the fiat currency.

"The US Dollar is a scam...I think the dollar is toast because gold and silver and cyber-currency are going to take it out...

While being on his Australian tour, he said his opinion about the dollar in an interview. He believes that a financial crisis is on the way, and this will come about because of the completely unsecured dollar.

He says that: "I have always been a fan of gold. In 1971, Nixon let the dollar's gold coverage, and the dollar was just a fake cash. There was a massive collapse in 2000, which we call only the Dotcom balloons. Then in 2008 the real estate crisis. And the next one will be the greatest of all time."

His new book that is coming out, titled 'fake' is exactly about these fake money and fake assets.