What services does Stop-Loss Manager® offer?


Stop-Loss Manager® will only be able to provide services that are previously set in by the investor. If these are set in as allowed, the customer can trail/follow their portfolio, of which services and actions the user is able to get information via e-mail. Furthermore our system allows the trader to start new trades. It is acuired to put in a stop-loss level and also a trailing stop-loss activation level, from which point will the system follow it's position 24/7 with every 5 seconds updated. As soon as this is activated and after the increasing in price, it drops to the predetermined percentage before a market order to sell is triggered below the latest followed (highest) price, and with this our stock will be sold. All of these are explaned while trading with our system, it is important for us that everything is in control of the trader, investor.

After the market sell order been executed, there is also opportunity for repurchase of the coin / stock. This procedure of repurchase can be done in two different ways. After the sell order activated the exchange rate of the coin can still rise, increase and in this way the system can rebuy the coin after percentage rise, which is determined by the trader. On the other hand, if the price of the currency continously decreases, the system can start a trailing stop-loss buy order, which means that if the price recovers and starts to rise again, it will rebuy the coin above the lowest price with the percentage that the investor set in. This is really useful because the system from our available capital will fortunately rebuy more coins then we sold the last time, by closing our trade.

Main features:

  • Connected to cryptocurrency exchanges, our software can handle numerous stop-loss offers at the same time
  • USDT-based activation of your Stop-Loss decisions
  • Continuous flow of profit is guaranteed by our automatic sell and buy system
  • Our dynamic stop-loss trailing determines outcome in percentages
  • Protection of your capital is set in decreasing order percentage, based on USD rates
  • Your forseeable profits are managable beforehand with the application of trailing stop-loss, all measured in percentages
  • Information on our stop-loss system is updated every 5 seconds, with 24/7 availablity

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