Hungarian solution paves the way for safe stock trading


Using Stop-Loss Manager® traders can effectively take advantage of exchange rate fluctation, investors can maximize their profits and minimalize the losses. The software is right now compatible using with the second biggest in trading volume cryptocurrrency exchange, Binance. But soon other traditional exchanges will get integrated to Stop-Loss Manager®. For those who are interested in the system, the founders themselves are creating training events to have a chance to try out the the use of the system.

Cryptocurrency trading is on its' peak these days, there are more and more people using online stock market platform. The cryptocurrency exchanges with huge resources are the ones to serve the growing demand of this need. Although exchange rate fluctuations on the market provides great opportunity to gain huge amounts of profits, but with this comes a significant risk of holding a currency as well.

Hungarian solution paves the way for safe stock trading 

For the problems came the solution with a unique way to handle them. The fully-developed software called Stop-Loss Manager®, are designed by Hungarian experts for serving individual Trader's needs. The system allows full and effective stop-loss functionality on crypto exchanges.

Most of the trading platforms even if having stop-loss function, there is still no possibility to trade with FIAT currencies. That's why they are not able to provide the trader with protection from fluctation in exchange rates.

- Gábor Pataki pointed out for us, who is a cryptocurrency expert and the co-founder of Trade Innovation Ltd., designing the system.

By using Stop-Loss Manager® , however, this is a thing of the past since the software provides full stop-loss and trailing stop-loss, both of these tracked USD-based.

Stop-Loss Manager® adds additional functionality to cryptocurrency exchanges, whether or not these functions are supported by the platform, thus opportunity arises for guaranteeing the gained profits, automatic repurchase of sold positions, and capital protection. The investors in addition can thoroughly track their positions in various exchanges at the same time.

Could be also integrated in traditional stock exchanges.

Stop-Loss Manager® can be employed on Kraken, Binance and Bitstamp. Furthermore, the service can be utilized in traditional trading systems, at the same time the founders are negotiating with multiply stock trading systems for opportunities on the usage of the software. Stop-Loss Manager® are working on integrating their functions into other exchanges for better user experience.

Practical training for the effective use of Stop-Loss Manager®

Stop-Loss Manager® is at the moment in it's BETA phase, where developers organize practical trainings for popularizational and educational purposes. The creators show the step-by-step guide on the use of the software. Next to this the team is putting together videos on the use of their system, making it easier to use in real life moments.

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