DayTrade Afternoon


Stop-Loss Manager® Team is organizing a so called 'DayTrade Afternoon', where participants can learn the to trade using the system. Furthermore matching to the spirit of the place, our team invites you for a glass of refreshing wine. The event is organized on June 21st, 2018, 18-21 h.

KriptoAkadémia wrote about us:

Back in Mai of 2018 our team took part in an event on A38 ship, Budapest to get to know the new start-up Gabor Pataki, cryptotrader expert started. Stop-Loss Manager®, this online platform is providing opportunity to traders in order to create the results of their trades even more favorable. 

Stop-Loss Manager®is a cryptocurrency exchange rate monitoring and managing software, which is currently working in BETA phase.

Using Stop-Loss Manager® we, as traders have the opportunity to open new trades, as well to repurchase them. Next to these the system provides with setting stop-loss and take-profit limits as it's functions. The software can paralelly function with 2 stop-loss and 2 trailing stop-loss limit offers.

While it is also being developed to open a trade with setting a trailing buy limit.

Opening a trade first we need to choose the exchange, then figure which asset we are willing to buy. After this, we decide the currency from which we want to buy the asset. This could be EUR, USD, but mostly in ctryptotrading this could be USDT, ETH and BTC. 

When starting the position we also need to input the automated sell offers, thus the trader needs to set a capital protection level - stop-loss - and a trailing stop-loss sell order that is activated when reaching the desired profit level, which is tracked based on USD(T).

The level of capital protection is defined by percentage of stop-loss sell offer under the level the asset been bought. After reaching the desired profit level the tracking of the currency begins, it is followed by the inputed percent under the trade, which means that after the increase the exchange rates are starting to fall back, our profit could be still secured, because of the function of trailing stop-loss.

By chance the trader can also determine automated repurchase, which could be input above the the price the asset sold, or in case of exchange rate drop the repurchase proceeds with a trailing buy limit activated.

The 'DayTrade Afternoon' offers you to understand the erfficent us of Stop-Loss Manager®. The developers are going to show you step by step the process of trading. You also get a great chance to try your daytrading skills. While you also help the developers in the success of the BETA phase. 

When registering, please write that you were informed by Kripto Akadémia, to get 10% off from your START Fee. 

To take part in this event you only need to apply, no fees are charged. 

Date: June 21, 2018, 18.00 - 21.00 h.

Place: Borkollégium - Budapest, Podmaniczky utca 31. I/7.

Please register here: .