Effective use of our system, the example of HOLO


Gábor Pataki:

The one question that I always get, is that what is the actual percentage I set to follow my trades. Most of the times it is based on the market, but I believe that it is a matter of what we expect of the chosen currency.

If we are thinking to hold the position longer terms, it is still important to secure our profit on the trade. This is why it is useful to activate the follow-up on a lower rate.

I usually set the expected profit level at about 2-3%, looking at my objective on how long I want to hold the coin I set the follow-up rate. For short term this percentage could be 1,5-2%. If I plan for longer terms this might be 5-10%.

The stop-loss level that I set on the currency is not more than 3-5%. Nowadays I put this around 1,5-3%.

This way the positions opened are closed pretty quickly, and the currency gets sold by the system. To make sure of holding the given position it is useful to input repurchase rates.

What works for me are the followings: 1-1,5% if the cryptocurrency rises compared to the sell price. To get the maximum out of the trade I also set the follow-up stop-loss on the falling price of the currency. I set 1% on starting following the price with the chosen 1,5-2,5%.

I recorded today's video on the Holo Token (HOT), which just made into Binance cryptocurrency exchange. Of course the price suddenly made a jump as expected.

HOLO Token made a successful ICO, the people who bought the Token during ICO period are still profitable with the holding of the Currency.

To sum up the day, we can say that the trading of the Token had a successful day altogether.

6 at the morning Binance opened trading on the coin, price is at that time 0,000932 USD per Token. Followed a decrease in price to a 0,000794 USD level, which means 15% of falling in price. The end of the day it rose up to 0,001016 USD, a 27% climb from the lowest price.

Watch the trading video of HOLO now!