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The world leader cryptocurrency exchange expects 1 billion USD in profits in 2018. The exchange made an enormous profit in the first half of 2018. There profits were about 300 millions USD, while active user-base 5 timed itself. Data shows these growth numbers are still continously expanding.

The one question that I always get, is that what is the actual percentage I set to follow my trades. Most of the times it is based on the market, but I believe that it is a matter of what we expect of the chosen currency.

There is a great demand on the regulation of cryptocurrencies. Those demanding are people who actually want to make profit on them. Although there are lots of news about the matter of cryptos, but it is still not decided if their regulation type will be like gold, oil. Or else such as the provision of the capital market should apply to them....

From yesterday our system got a huge update. At this time next to Binance and Bitstamp cryptocurrency exchanges we integrated one of the oldest Bitcoin exchanges on the planet: Kraken.

That's right.
Facebook is finally allows the advertisement of cryptocurrencies again. This could be great news for us and also for the companies, which has to do something with cryptocurrencies. Although advertising is possible, it has some restrictions on how to popularitize your project.

Stop-Loss Manager® will only be able to provide services that are previously set in by the investor. If these are set in as allowed, the customer can trail/follow their portfolio, of which services and actions the user is able to get information via e-mail. Furthermore our system allows the trader to start new trades. It is acuired to...

Yesterday, Stop-Loss Manager®'s Beta Test Team had a fantastic time on the trading afternoon. We learnt, traded and had some fun. We also had our co-founder and cryptocurrency expert Gábor Pataki to our help. With tiny investments our trading volume exceeded 8000 USD during the time of the chilling afternoon.

The risks arising from exchange rate fluctuations can be eliminated or at least significantly reduced by a Hungarian-developed software for stock exchange trading.

Using Stop-Loss Manager® traders can effectively take advantage of exchange rate fluctation, investors can maximize their profits and minimalize the losses. The software is right now compatible using with the second biggest in trading volume cryptocurrrency exchange, Binance. But soon other traditional exchanges will get integrated to...

Stop-Loss Manager® Team is organizing a so called 'DayTrade Afternoon', where participants can learn the to trade using the system. Furthermore matching to the spirit of the place, our team invites you for a glass of refreshing wine. The event is organized on June 21st, 2018, 18-21 h.