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What is Stop-loss automatization good for?

Stop-Loss Manager®, with the help of the interfaces provided by the different exchanges, creates an opportunity for investors to execute automatized buy and sell offers based on USD, on predetermined exchange rate levels. The platform not only can take stop-loss or take-profit offers, but as well provides trailing stop-loss, for the investor to realize the highest profit possible.
Stop-Loss Manager
® also can execute automatized repurchase offers on each of the exchanges.

Who do we offer our system to?

Amateurs as well beginners can make good use of learning and understanding our system. With using and understanding our platform, a lots of features are accessible for our Costumers:

  • While connecting to Stock exchanges, it parallelly times stop-loss offers
  • Our system monitors exchange rates based on USD, when trading cryptocurrencies.(USDT)
  • The platform guarantees automatized sell and repurchase offers
  • Using percentage the Customer can input the dynamic moving stop-loss order.
  • The stop-loss is entered in the percentage of the falling exchange rates, even if the investor is trading with other cryptocurrency pairs, such as BTC/ETH.
  • All of our Stop-loss orders are activated after a predetermined gain of percentage in exchange rates. Only after reaching this percentage will the trailing stop-loss, repurchase order activate.
  • Datas gained from the stock exchanges are updated in every 5 seconds, with 24/7 availability

How can someone learn how to use our system?

Our company holds trainings on a monthly basis, in which all of our subsribed Customers can take part. To find more information about our training programme and scheduled events visit our Facebook page.

What does Stop-Loss order mean?

Stop-loss orders are designed to limit an investor's loss on a position in a security. By taking advantage of using stop-loss the trader can precisely determine the maximum of his losses, or if the stock price already reached the predetermined activating rate a stop-loss order can guarantee a profit on the trade.

A stop-loss order is actually an inactive, timed order, which is fit to the future stock prices. This kind of orders are used by experienced investors a daily basis.

A stop-loss buy offer activates when the stock price increases and it reaches a deterined price, while a stop-loss sell offer activates when the stock prices drops to a determined level, which results in closing the position.

In which stock exchanges does the stop-loss automation works?

The system right now can work well with cryptocurrency exchanges, such as Binance, which is one of the biggest exchange in size of market capitalization, and Bitstamp, which was one of the first Bitcoin exchange platform, that was founded.

In the near future Kraken and other well-known exchanges, like the stock trading giant, Interactive Brokers are being integrated into Stop-Loss Manager®.

 Can you trade cross exchange rates - cryptocurrency pairs (BTC/ETH) ?

Yes, although on some exchanges EUR/USD pairs are not available to trade with. On these platforms the management of the orders are taking place on cross exchange rates. Here as well orders are determined based on USDT, in this place the order will really execute where the customer wants it to.

On which exchanges can I trade?

The system right now can work well with cryptocurrency exchanges, such as Binance, which is one of the biggest exchange in size of market capitalization, and Bitstamp, which was one of the first Bitcoin exchange platform, that was founded. Our plans for the near future is to expand our service onto stock and forex trading as well.

What does API stands for?

API short form of Application Programming Interface, which is a set of clearly defined methods of communication between various components. These API are provided by the exchanges themselves. The Application Programming Interface can communicate through an encrypted way, and it allows traders to gain information based on the need of the investor, such as balance query, setting or deleting a limit order. Stop-Loss Manager®, for security reasons, does not support the ability to transfer cryptocurrencies via API.

How to install the software?

Our service can be accessed through internet, but we also provide an online virtual computer for every subscriber for security reasons. As well this virtual server monitors 24/7 the market changes, so your orders for sure be executed. You need to log into this computer only once, as you activate our system, afterwards our customers will be able to access Stop-Loss Manager® platform and services through https link using their browser.

What kind of services does Stop-Loss Manager® provide?

Stop-Loss Manager® will only be able to provide services that are previously set in by the investor. If these are set in as allowed, the customer can trail/follow their portfolio, of which services and actions the user is able to get information via e-mail. Furthermore our system allows the trader to start new trades. It is acuired to put in a stop-loss level and also a trailing stop-loss activation level, from which point will the system follow it's position 24/7 with every 5 seconds updated. As soon as this is activated and after the increasing in price, it drops to the predetermined percentage before a market order to sell is triggered below the latest followed (highest) price, and with this our stock will be sold. All of these are explaned while trading with our system, it is important for us that everything is in control of the trader, investor.

After the market sell order been executed, there is also opportunity for repurchase of the coin / stock. This procedure of repurchase can be done in two different ways. After the sell order activated the exchange rate of the coin can still rise, increase and in this way the system can rebuy the coin after percentage rise, which is determined by the trader. On the other hand, if the price of the currency continously decreases, the system can start a trailing stop-loss buy order, which means that if the price recovers and starts to rise again, it will rebuy the coin above the lowest price with the percentage that the investor set in. This is really useful because the system from our available capital will fortunately rebuy more coins then we sold the last time, by closing our trade.

What does exchange rate tracking / following means?

Stop-Loss Manager® is monitoring 24/7 the exchange rates calculated in USD. After when the trailing stop-loss order levels (determined in percent by the investor) are met with the current exchange rate the order is executed.

Exchange rate tracking simply means, that the stop-loss order is moving with the current price of the stock, allowing the trader to maximize the profit.

What is the biggest risk I can take using the system?

The investors are setting their personalized, personally chosen percentage that they are willing to take as a risk, as well they enter their take profit level into the system. Altough it is not recommended to put in more than 20% as stop-loss order, because using the repurchase service, our customers are able to rebuy any cryptocurrencies.

What is the maximum loss I can suffer?

The investor determines the level of how much the trader is willing to lose.

How much of my financial assets should I risk with a transaction?

Stop-Loss Manager® does not give investing advices, but based on experiences it better to diversify your portfolio, meaning is to break your portoflio into different assets.

What does capital protection mean?

Capital protection is simply a stop-loss sell order, which is set by the investor below the price the stock was bought. Stop-loss order is an inactivated sell/buy order, which as reaching, therefore triggered by the limit price gets activated, and sold on the next available price.

How can I withdraw my profit?

Profit realization and withdraw of the profit from a given stock exchange are two different things. Stop-Loss Manager® helps you with realizing your profits, meaning that on the given stock exchange your position will get closed. Most of the times there are no possibilities to allocate EUR or USD from such cryptocurrency echanges (there is on BitStamp). To withdraw your profits from such exchanges, you first need to send your cryptos to a currency exchange (like or to any other exchange where it is possible to allocate, withdraw EUR, USD or even HUF.

Can I as well withdraw my money from BitCoin ATMs?

To use this method to withdraw your profits, you need to transfer your cryptocurrency to the eWallet address given by the ATM in order to exchange your crypto into FIAT currencies. It is important to mention however, that using BitCoin ATMs to withdraw your money is still the most expensive way to get your money out of the cryptocurrency world.

After an automated sell, can the system repurchase my sold positions?

Stop-Loss Manager® is based on the investor's parameters (percentage for buy/sell), after the execution of the automated sell can also repurchase the given position.

How often can I repurchase my positions?

The system enables the user to place unlimited amount of positions for sell/buy orders, although the system solely focuses on the automated sell and after it's completion, the repurchase order. In case the automated repurchase order is executed, the investor himself needs to reset the rate-tracking, stop-loss or take-profit parameters.

Are there any advices on parameter settings while trading included into the system?

Stop-Loss Manager® is an exchange rate monitoring and managing platform. It isn't any kind of trading bot, therefore it does not start trades itself. With this said, all the steps leading up to the trade must be taken by the investor.

Does the system offer any advice based on my trading statistics?

Stop-Loss Manager® does not give advices. It is solely for serving the investor's convinience, and the platform acts 24/7 based on the decision made by the trader.

What happens if there is no internet connection?

Stop-Loss Manager® offers it's service with multiple exchange rate monitoring servers, and it also provides a virtual computer for each customers. These servers are located in high quality server farms, where the risk of internet extinction is minimal. Meaning if the investor themself does not have internet connection, the service still works constantly.

How can I become a Customer?

Stop-Loss Manager® is currently in Beta status, and it is solely available for Customers who have taken part in start training hosted by Trade Innovation Ltd.

Will the system provide me a loan, if my subscription period is over?

The system does not give any investment advices, neither it provides a loan for Customers. In case there is no coverage for the subscription fee, exchange rate monitoring and the availability of the system will be suspended. The system will automatically inform Customers of the suspension period via e-mail.

Is there any position close out of constrait?

In case there is no available coverage for paying the subscription fee, the service of the system will be suspended. In this case tracked positions wil be closed. E-mail is sent of the suspension period.

Can the stop-loss be set on 0%?

In this case, the system will instantly close the position.

Who is responsible for any kind of losses?

The investor themselves are responsible for any results due to their decisions. Stop-Loss Manager® does not take responsibility for losses or unrealized profits.

Where can I download the system?

The service can be accessed through Internet, there is no need to download the software.

What OS is the software optimized for?

Our platform works on any kind of computer and can be accessed using a smartphone as well.

Can I follow and copy professional traders?

Stop-Loss Manager® is working on making it possible to copy other expert traders.

How much will the fee be to copy professional traders?

In the near future we are going to make it possible to follow successful investors, top traders of using Stop-Loss Manager®. After completion of every successful trade the system will take 20% of the profit as 'Success Fee'.

How can I learn how to trade?

After the 'Fundamentals' training, Trade Innovation Ltd. organises further training, in which our subscribers can take part.

How are we different from other traditional exchanges?

Stop-Loss Manager® is not an exchange. We are offering a signalite surveillance service, an assistant tool for exchange platforms. These exchanges are integrated into our systems via API. With the use of our platform, our Customer can get access to functions unavailable on traditional exchanges.

When will the service be accessible worldwide? 

The service is independent of location, if someone takes part on our 'Fundamentals' training and signs up for our subscription they can immediately start to use the system.

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