Stop-Loss Manager®
Helps you decide rationally!

Stop-Loss Manager
is an exchange rate monitoring and 
portfolio managing software.

Set Your stop-loss offers effectively based on USD rates through our platform

Main features of our software: 

  • Connected to cryptocurrency exchanges, our software can handle numerous stop-loss offers at the same time
  • Telegram and e-mail notifications of current portfolio, push notifications could be set for position open, close.
  • USDT-based activation of your Stop-Loss decisions
  • Continuous flow of profit is guaranteed by our automated sell, buy and repurchase functions
  • You can set dynamic trailing stop-loss action parameters in percentages
  • Protection of your capital is based on USD rates 
  • Your forseeable profits are managable beforehand with the application of trailing stop-loss, all measured in percentages
  • Get rid of the market noise function available
  • Data on our stop-loss system is updated every 5 seconds, with 24/7 availablity

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Our software hosting service runs non-stop 24/7,
with position updates every 5 seconds.

Which cryptocurrency exchange sites can be connected to Stop-Loss Manager® currently?

If you haven't opened a Bitstamp account yet

Open a wallet account HERE

If you haven't opened a Kraken account yet

Open a wallet account HERE

If you haven't opened a Binance account yet

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Launching position

The Investors are the only decisionmakers, thus they decide in which cryptocurrency exchanges, in what rate, and whichever currency they would like to purchase at any given time.

Guarantee of instant return

Set by the Investor, a trailing stop-loss will be deployed once a certain cryptocurrency reaches a desired percentage of profit-realization, trailing it until the peak.

Monitoring your decisions

The progress of your purchases are followed and monitored 24/7, based on current USD rates. You got the control in your hands, by setting buy, sell and repurchase trailing parameters.

Fast and secure stop-loss

Your investment is sold instantly when the preset parameters of trailing offers are reached. Easy as that!

  • You don't want to miss out on unrealized gains of the volatile market of cryptocurrencies?
  • Want to leisure, while knowing your investments are safe?
  • Like to stay up-to-date with all the changes in exchange rates and prices for major cryptocurrencies?
  • Want to be a part of an amazing community?

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Gábor Pataki

Founder and CEO of Trade Innovation Limited,
Founder of, stock and business development expert 

"The volatile market, the changes of the past months, while implementation of cryptocurrencies spread across the world, creates new unimaginable opportunites in trading these assets.

I think timing is just right to set off our supletory software on the market."

Gergely Gréczi 

Co-founder of Trade Innovation Limited, Director of Programming

"I took up programming as a hobby at the age of 12, however creating API programmes is what interests me the most. I am very certain that our stop-loss  software will enrich the world of Fintech very soon."